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Warner Edwards Botanical Gin

Warner Edwards Botanical Gin

We were approached by Warner Edwards regarding a sachet of seed for their new botanical range of gins, as a result, ‘Melissa’ Lemon Balm Gin is the first of the Botanical Garden limited edition range which will use various herbaceous plants from Warner Edwards’ newly-built garden.

Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family, also known by its Latin name Melissa officinalis. The 43% ABV gin is an herbaceous explosion on the palate, full of fresh green notes; a robust juniper core is enveloped by a beautiful citrus and mint layer that makes this gin fresh and distinctive with a very delicate sweetness. Lovingly distilled with pure spring water from the Farm, each gin is beautifully balanced with the flavours and aromas of garden herbs.

The ‘Melissa’ Lemon Balm Gin was inspired by Founder Tom Warner’s late mother Adèle, who was a keen gardener and used the aromatic herbs within her cooking. Each bottle will have a seed packet for people to start their own herb garden and grow their very own lemon balm – perfect to use as a garnish!

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